NOW President Testifies Against Puerto Rico’s Extreme Abortion Bans

Statement of National NOW President Christian F. Nunes

Today, I testified in front of the Comision de lo Juridico/Committee on Legal Matters of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives by video in opposition to legislation that would further restrict access to abortion—which remains legal in Puerto Rico. Last April, I testified against legislation that would mimic the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in the U.S. within the territory of Puerto Rico.   

My testimony read, in part: 

This time, I would like to speak against three bills…each would set women back in Puerto Rico, lead to complications that could impact their health or lives, and negatively affect the well-being of their families.  

Predictably, the situation has created widespread confusion — not only for persons needing abortion care but also for physicians concerned about protecting their professional practice. 

It is primarily those women who live in poverty-impacted communities – often communities of color — who are most harmed by abortion bans. A consequence of the Dobbs decision is a tragic racial disparity that will only deepen poverty and suffering for many. We know that this is a concern of many legislators in Puerto Rico… 

Women will make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 

We can’t let Puerto Rico be the next pawn in the extremist campaign to control women’s bodies, restrict access to abortion and endanger women’s health.  


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