NOW PAC Internet Campaign for Hillary Beats Projections

The National Organization for Women PAC is stepping up to the plate yet again in their efforts to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic nominee for President. In addition to phoning female supporters and organizing on-the-ground to galvanize women voters, last month NOW PAC started an ad campaign.

The Change History NOW ads feature a photo of the White House, with some recognizable names below: “Martha… Abigail… Dolly… Eleanor… Jackie… Betty… Nancy… Barbara… Laura… Bill.” Links in the ad direct viewers to the NOW PAC’s “I’m Ready for Hillary” website, which educates and persuades voters on issues important to women.

The campaign’s success has grown over the past five weeks and is now reaching more than one million views per day in Indiana and North Carolina with targeted messaging, blog ads and a Google AdWords campaign. NOW PAC’s success was evidenced in Pennsylvania where over 9 million users were shown the Internet ads. In the upcoming Indiana and North Carolina primaries, NOW PAC’s message has already been viewed nearly 10 million times.

The messaging focuses on the theme of making history, and the success ratio is growing day by day. “We have watched the overall click-through ratio grow five-fold over the last month. Our goal is to reach potential voters and help inform their decision. Don’t let the media decide. You decide. That’s what we want them to hear,” said NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy.

This is the first time that NOW’s Political Action Committee has turned to an Internet action campaign and it has been wildly successful. The “Change History NOW” campaign has appeared on over 100 websites throughout the Internet and is making its own history with exponential increases in traffic and clicks. This week NOW PAC will launch a new series of ads supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

“Being a female trailblazer has never been easy, but across the country and around the world women and men are cheering Hillary Clinton on — not just for the sake of history, but for the future of our country and the advancement of women’s rights,” said Gandy.


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