NOW PAC Applauds Clinton’s Triumph in Key States

Hillary Rodham Clinton won rousing victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island on Tuesday, proving once again that not only is she a fighter, but also that she can win key battleground states the Democrats need in November.

In Ohio, where NOW PAC leaders and activists worked around the clock to get out the vote, Clinton scored a decisive win. Clearly, the Democratic voters of this nation are not ready for the primary season to be over, despite what the media say.

Clinton has been through fire and emerged stronger with each challenge. She can take anything her opponents and the press can dish out, and give it back double. The Democrats need her and the country needs her.

Clinton is a national leader of the highest order, with the strength and determination and experience to deliver real change to our country. She has been a leader on women’s rights and civil rights for over 30 years. Clinton is an unparalleled champion for women’s reproductive rights, justice and health, which is why the NOW PAC endorsed her a year ago this month.

Make no mistake, Clinton is the strongest candidate to win in November, and to set our country right. It will take someone with her economic depth and foreign policy experience to beat John McCain. And we know she can start to deliver on her first day in office — from getting our troops out of Iraq, to fixing the shattered economy and the mortgage crisis, to winning health care that covers every single person in this country.

I am proud and privileged to travel around the country speaking in support of Senator Clinton. Everywhere I go, I meet voters who are energized and inspired to be a part of this historic campaign. They are thrilled that Clinton will break through the ultimate glass ceiling if she is elected the first woman president of the United States; but more than that, they believe that Clinton has the solutions our nation needs at this critical moment.

Millions more voters await the opportunity to cast their ballots, eager to have their voices heard. Key state primaries like Pennsylvania are coming up next month, and NOW PAC looks forward to helping get out the vote and securing a victory for Hillary Clinton and for women everywhere.


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