NOW Launches New National Action Program

In the wake of International Women’s Day–a day that saw yet another incredible outpouring of support for the rights of all women, across the country and the globe–the National Organization for Women is thrilled to announce the launch of our newly expanded National Action Program. The issues we face today are many of the same issues we have faced for decades, if not hundreds of years–patriarchy, racism, misogyny, homo/transphobia, white supremacy, to name a few. But Donald Trump’s administration poses the greatest threat to women’s lives and well being that we have seen in decades. NOW is fighting back.

This program encompasses five action campaigns that not only defend the gains we have made, but also work pro-actively to achieve real equality for women and girls. We will mobilize for reproductive justice, end the sex-abuse-to-prison pipeline, protect immigrant rights, advance voting rights; and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The program will be iterative and evolving as we respond in real-time to the harmful and discriminatory actions of the administration.

NOW’s national action program will propose concrete actions our local chapters, state organizations and members can take–as well as any and all activists around the country–to address these pressing issues.

We invite all those who are eager to get involved in efforts to resist the white male supremacist agenda of Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress to visit our National Action Program page; there you will find action kits and resources to help you take action to defend our democracy and promote our rights.

Contact: M.E. Ficarra,, 951-547-1241