NOW In The News

Last weekend’s Women’s March was a big event in Washington, DC. All the national media was there, and the program was broadcast live on C-Span.

As you know, Toni Van Pelt was one of the featured speakers, and she spoke powerfully and from the heart. The reporter from Politico who was covering the March quoted Toni:

“Today we’re sending Trump another message, look out your window,” Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for Women, told marchers in Washington. “See us, hear us, feel our power. You can’t stop us with your tweets, you can’t stop us with your bullying and you can’t stop us with your hate speech.”

For the full story in Politico, click here. And here’s a clip of her full speech.

This Tuesday, during Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, Toni will be joining leaders of other women’s groups at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, at an event called the State of Our Union to showcase plans to unite, organize, and vote for a better future. We’re keeping the pressure on Donald Trump, and speaking our truth to power every chance we get!

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