NOW Hails Reversal Of Trump Abortion Gag Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. — NOW applauds the Biden Administration for keeping an important promise to women by releasing its final Title X rule and undoing the Trump-era rule that prevented clinics that receive federal funding from advising patients about abortion options.   

The previous rule forced Planned Parenthood to give up Title X funding rather than comply with the restrictions, and further limited the reproductive health care options available to women. Figures cited by the White House show a roughly two-thirds drop-in family planning patients between 2018 and 2020 that can be attributed to the Trump rule. 

With this latest action, the federal government reaffirms its commitment to protecting women’s health and preserving access to family planning care for millions of people.  Women—particularly marginalized and low-income women—endure the worst effects of extremist attacks on access to health care.  

NOW firmly believes that our government must do everything in its power to protect a women’s right to bodily autonomy and choice in her own health care decisions. Access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion care, is our fundamental right. Title X must remain free from politics. 

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