NOW Endorses Nancy Pelosi, Overwhelmingly the Only Choice for Speaker

WASHINGTON — The National Organization for Women (NOW) is proud to endorse Nancy Pelosi to reclaim her position as Speaker of the House.  The first woman in U.S. history to ascend to this position richly deserves to return.

Republicans have long demonized Nancy Pelosi, ostensibly for her progressive politics, but the name of their game has always been misogyny and ageism.  They used the same tactics against Hillary Clinton. They tried it in district after district during the 2018 elections—but this year, they mostly failed.

Democrats in Congress must not buy into this completely false and utterly transparent narrative.  Opponents of progressive government would castigate any Democratic Speaker with the same name-calling and vicious personal attacks.  Nancy Pelosi is a target because she’s a strong, progressive Democrat—and because she’s a woman.

Republicans fear Congressional leadership that puts the priorities of everyday Americans above corporations, that protects women’s rights, voting rights and the right to quality, affordable health care.  And they fear a strong woman leading that fight most of all. They know what Nancy Pelosi can do. They saw her shepherd the Affordable Care Act into law. They saw her stand up to Donald Trump. They know she’ll be an enormously effective Speaker who will expose their mean-spirited, dangerous agenda.

During the campaign, many Democratic candidates were put on the defensive by these attacks, and some tempered their support for Nancy Pelosi in response.  Now that they’ve won, they should reconsider their positions and realize that what the House needs most is experienced leadership, progressive values, and skilled legislative strategies.  Nancy Pelosi is overwhelmingly the only choice for Speaker.

Contact: NOW Press,, 202-628-8669