NOW Denounces Senate Judiciary Committee’s Illegitimate Push for Amy Coney Barrett

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The only way Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell were going to get away with stealing another Supreme Court nomination was to do what they always do— break rules and rig the system. 

After forcing into practice a new standard for filling a Supreme Court vacancy before a presidential election, they went back on their own new rules and are now rushing to hold a floor vote on Amy Coney Barrett days before the election.  

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination is being rushed through to consolidate conservative power and turn back the clock on voting rights, reproductive freedoms, and access to health care.   

This has been a cynical, partisan political exercise from the beginning.   

NOW calls on Senators to use whatever tools are at their disposal to push this vote past the electionRepublican Senators who lost their races because of Donald Trump may realize they can redeem their place in history after years of enabling him by what they do in a lame-duck session – which includes passing years of legislation currently in the Senate graveyard and voting “nay on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. 

NOW is more motivated than ever –  to show how the largest, grassroots feminist force in history will turn the tide in this election.  We will elect a new president, the first woman vice president, and a feminist Senate—that will soon vote on a feminist nomination to the Supreme Court. 

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