NOW Congratulates Janice Hahn on Run-Off Victory

NOW PAC-endorsed candidate Janice Hahn (D) emphatically defeated Tea Party darling Craig Huey (R) in a run-off election in California’s 36th District on Tuesday, July 12. The run-off followed a May 17 special election primary for the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Jane Harman (D).

NOW PAC celebrates Hahn’s victory over Huey, an extremist who opposes abortion and LGBT rights, and who relentlessly argued for ever larger tax breaks for corporations and multimillionaires, to be paid for with spending cuts devastating to women and families.

“Hahn will be a champion for women and girls in Congress, and NOW looks forward to working with her” said NOW President Terry O’Neill.

Hahn believes in providing women with a quality education, fair pay and equal employment opportunities. Hahn supports a woman’s right to choose and will fight to ensure that women of all ages and backgrounds are provided the tools they need to succeed in today’s society — whether in the job market or at home raising children and caring for their family.

A staunch supporter of equality for LGBT individuals, Hahn stood up against Proposition 8 and supported efforts to overturn it, strongly opposes the Defense of Marriage Act, and favored the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

NOW PAC extends a special thanks to volunteers from around the country who phoned for Hahn and worked tirelessly in the campaign to ensure her victory.


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