NOW Congratulates Illinois on Passing Marriage Equality

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Organization for Women is delighted that the Illinois House of Representatives has passed a marriage equality bill that Governor Pat Quinn has promised to sign into law. This is a great victory for Illinois’ same-sex couples, whose lifetime commitment will now be recognized under Illinois law.

“Victory in Illinois is vital as we continue to fight for marriage equality state by state,” said NOW Vice President Bonnie Grabenhofer, “but it is also a great personal triumph to me, as a resident of Illinois.”

Gov. Quinn — a vocal proponent of same-sex marriage — has said that the push for marriage equality in Illinois has been a “very inspiring grassroots campaign from people all over [the] state.” NOW is proud that our activists have been at the forefront of this campaign. When Illinois’ representatives voted for marriage equality, it is because they heard the voices of their constituents speak loudly — and favorably — for marriage equality.

“The march of progress is never easy; opposition arises and it is often cruel. However, momentum for marriage equality continues to grow as Illinois joins six other states that legalized full marriage rights in 2013. Our activists will continue to fight for marriage equality — no matter the obstacle — until all Americans have the right to enjoy the benefits and protections provided by marriage,” said Grabenhofer.


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