NOW Celebrates President Obama’s Support for Marriage Equality

The National Organization for Women applauds President Barack Obama’s announcement today supporting marriage equality. The president’s statement marks a proud moment in history, and is an especially welcome antidote to yesterday’s vote in North Carolina enshrining discrimination into that state’s constitution. We commend President Obama for standing with the LGBT community and millions of others in this country who support marriage for same-sex couples.

Marriage is recognized as a fundamental right in this country and, as such, it cannot legitimately be withheld from same-sex couples. We are dedicated to ensuring that lesbian and gay couples’ right to marry is legally recognized in all states and by the federal government.

We know that this battle is far from over, and NOW will continue to fight for LGBT rights. In the coming months, NOW will join our grassroots activists and allied organizations to focus on states — including Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington — where marriage measures are expected on the ballot in November. We call on the president to encourage voters in these states to embrace his decision and vote to ensure equality and justice for all.


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