NOW Applauds Senate Confirmation of Kristen Clarke

The Senate vote to confirm Kristen Clarke as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division was narrow—but the victory for civil rights was enormous. 

Kristen Clarke will be the first Black woman to lead the Civil Rights Division, and she is unquestionably one of the most qualified, experienced, and talented individuals to ever be considered by the Senate. 

She began her career in the Civil Rights Division, where she prosecuted police misconduct, police brutality, hate crimes, and voting rights cases.  And as Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, she led the fight against voter suppression, white supremacy, and hate crimes, and police brutality against peaceful Black protesters. 

Senate Republicans who owe their political fortunes to the forces of extremism and white supremacy fought to defeat this nomination—but thanks to grassroots support mobilized by many coalition groups, Kristen Clarke will now be in a position to thwart these dangerous elements and erase structural racism from our system of justice. 

The closeness of today’s vote reminds us how important it is to stay engaged, stay organized, and stay committed to our mission. NOW congratulates Kristen Clarke on today’s vote, and we look forward to seeing her lead the charge for equal rights and justice. 

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