NOW Applauds President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration Reform, Calls on Congress to Pass Comprehensive Reform That Treats Immigrant Women Fairly

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, President Obama did the right thing for millions of immigrant women, men and their families–and for the United States, our nation of immigrants–by extending administrative relief, preventing detention and deportation, opening the door to work permits, and keeping families together.  

President Obama stood firm against threats of lawsuits emanating from extremists in Congress. But much remains to be done.  The President’s action provides only temporary relief, and it affects only half of the undocumented immigrants who work and contribute to the country’s welfare every day.  And most shamefully, immigrants remain shut out of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions.  A permanent solution remains in the hands of Congress.  

The Senate passed comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform more than 500 days ago, only to see it stymied by Tea Party Republicans in the House.  But now, the time for anti-immigrant rhetoric and political maneuvering is past.  Congress needs to take action as quickly as possible to pass comprehensive reform that provides a path to citizenship, values the economic and social contributions of immigrant women, and protects them from violence at the hands of employers and intimate partners.    

This historic step forward is due in large part to the many women and men who took extraordinary risks rallying, protesting and engaging in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience to raise awareness about our broken immigration system.  It has been my privilege to stand in solidarity with them, including being arrested with them, in the struggle.  We will continue our work together, because until all of us are free, none of us can be free.

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