NOW Applauds President Biden’s Pledge To Codify Roe v. Wade

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Women should have the right to decide what is best for their body. And, NOW applauds President Biden for making that 100% clear today when he pledged to codify Roe and ensure access for abortions – if he maintains a congressional majority. NOW is in full support of President Biden prioritizing a safe, protected future for all women and people with birthing bodies. 

Ultimately, NOW is incensed that the future of bodily autonomy, especially in marginalized communities, hinges on Democrats maintaining congressional majority. But now that over 13 states with Republican-led legislatures have passed trigger bans and a nationwide abortion ban has been repeatedly introduced, President Biden is providing the only path forward to make sure that our right to choose what is best for our bodies and families is reinstated by federal law.   

Election Day is our chance to ensure that future generations do not have to face a time without reproductive rights. Voting is our chance to reinstate our rights and to strengthen our democracy. It’s time to head to the polls, exercise our right to vote, and maintain a majority that promotes an intersectional feminist agenda. President Biden is representing the wishes of this country, and it’s time we rally for him as he continues to advance the status of human rights in America.   


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