NOW Applauds Judge Korman’s Refusal to Suspend Ruling on Plan B; Calls on Obama Administration to Comply

NOW applauds today’s refusal by U.S. District Judge Edward Korman to suspend his ruling allowing women of all ages access to Plan B One-Step. Millions of women need access to this safe and effective product, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, particularly in adolescents, should not be obstructed by paternalistic politicking. Studies have proven that emergency contraception is a safe and effective method of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Judge Korman spoke the plain truth when he characterized the appeal as “something out of an alternate universe,” and concluded that it “is frivolous and is taken for the purpose of delay.”

NOW calls on the Administration not to ask the appellate court for a stay or in any way impede the over-the-counter availability of this safe and effective product to women and girls of all ages. NOW will not back away from our defense of the health and safety rights of women. The Obama Administration should tell the court on Monday that it will now simply follow the law.


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