John Kelly Must Resign

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly must resign. His pathetic defense of staff secretary Rob Porter reveals his true nature—an enabler of domestic violence, a betrayer of trust and an avoider of responsibility.

Why did John Kelly continue to support Rob Porter after he was told about Porter’s history of abuse? Why did he allow a man who was denied a security clearance because of his history of violence against women to continue in a high ranking position of trust? Why did he talk Rob Porter out of resigning, telling him he could “weather the storm,” according to press accounts?

General Kelly should know better. As a military commander, he took pride in protecting his troops. As chief of staff, it is his duty to protect the people who serve in the White House. Women who work for John Kelly are asking themselves today if they can trust General Kelly to protect them from perpetrators of domestic violence.

Clearly, they can’t. John Kelly has shown his true colors. He’s on Team “Grab Them By The Pussy,” leaving women who are victimized by domestic violence to fend for themselves.

John Kelly must go. Today.

Contact: Emily Imhoff,, 951-547-1241