How Low Can They Go? The NRA Slanders Teachers

NRA TV has a new video out attacking the American Federation of Teachers and its president, Randi Weingarten. Their slanderous, offensive language doesn’t bear repeating, but it reminds us how important it is to stand up to the NRA and, as some brave young people have recently reminded us, to “call B.S.” on their lies.

More than three-quarters of all teachers in kindergarten through high school are women, and in elementary and middle schools, women comprise more than 80 percent of teachers. Randi Weingarten is an effective, indefatigable advocate for teachers, and she is a feminist leader we all can be proud of.

If the NRA thinks they can change the subject by slandering teachers, and demonizing Randi Weingarten, they are sorely mistaken. The NRA has descended to a new low—for now. It’s only a matter of time before they go even lower.

With every step down they take, NOW and feminist allies will step up to oppose them. We’re not afraid of the NRA, and neither is Randi Weingarten.

Contact: Dee Donavanik,, 951-547-1241