Goodell Announces New Advisors; Too Little, Too Late

The NFL’s announcement that is appointing qualified women as senior advisors to help shape policies relating to domestic violence and sexual assault is a step in the right direction—but it’s not enough.

Here’s how you can tell if an organization is truly committed to difficult, systemic change. Are they willing to demonstrate that they understand the seriousness of the problem they created by holding their existing leadership accountable?

And would the changes they are making have happened in the absence of a public relations crisis?

The fact that Roger Goodell is assigning a current member of his leadership team to oversee new policies shows once again that he just doesn’t get it. NOW continues to insist on the appointment of an independent investigator with a mandate to address every aspect of the NFL’s violence against women problem, going back years, not months.

And NOW continues to demand that Roger Goodell resign. Anything short of him taking full responsibility for what has happened on his watch will be seen for what it is—just a way for him to quiet his critics and get back to business as usual.

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