ERA Lawsuit A Shameful Attempt to Prevent Equality

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A lawsuit by Alabama’s Attorney General to block the renewed push to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment is, as the ERA Coalition stated, “a shameful effort to keep women from gaining Constitutional equality.”

This crowd of extremist state attorneys general continues to march in lockstep with Bill Barr’s increasingly unconstitutional Justice Department. There is nothing they won’t do to undermine equality and perpetuate the patriarchy. In his suit, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall says that “the ERA would not promote true equality, but rather a far-left agenda.”

The false assertion that the ERA is unnecessary is the same kind of hateful trope used to undermine civil rights laws during the 1960’s.  NOW opposes this clear and shameful action to block equal rights and justice for women, and with our ERA Coalition partners we will stay on the front lines defending the ERA until it is ratified into law.

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