Before the Electoral College Votes…

The National Organization for Women is deeply concerned about the implications of Russian interference in November’s election.

The Washington Post reported last weekend that the CIA has concluded the Kremlin’s efforts were aimed at helping President-elect Donald Trump defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, rather than merely stoke chaos in the American election.

These unprecedented irregularities put our democracy at risk. A thoughtful transfer of power is a defining characteristic of our nation, and we must handle this new intelligence with due care.

Our electors need time to review all relevant evidence and think deeply about their votes. Dozens of the electors have already signed on to a letter calling for an intelligence briefing before they cast their ballots–and NOW fully supports their request for accurate information.

Allowing the Electoral College vote to proceed while our electors lack critical information would be a grave error. NOW calls for a postponement of the December 19 vote, to allow time for electors to be fully briefed on the Russian government’s interference.

Contact: M.E. Ficarra,, 951-547-1241