THE ISSUE: The Biden administration recently authorized the expansion of Child Tax Credit (CTC) through the American Rescue Plan as a way to help support families during the pandemic. The tax credit allows for a total of $3,600 for each child under six and $3,000 for children ages 6 to 17.  

This expansion must be made permanent and fully inclusive so that marginalized families have more opportunities for their children. The expanded and refundable CTC is part of the Build Back Better Act’s package of provisions investing in a wide variety of initiatives, many of them aimed at strengthening families and workers.  

WHY IT MATTERS: Before the CTC expansion, there were dramatic disparities with the credit for children across racial lines. Black and Latinx children were less likely to receive the full credit amount compared with white children. This expansion of CTC under the Biden administration’s American Families Plan fixes this fundamental error and is also projected to cut child poverty by 45 – 50 percent.  Making this expansion permanent will help lift millions of families from below the poverty line.  

THE STATUS: Families are currently receiving each month $300 for children under six years and $250 for children ages six through 17, but this will only last through ten days before Christmas. For families who rely on this money, including certain unauthorized immigrants and families who recently were granted access to funds, the loss of these monthly checks will be a difficult adjustment. Policies should be predictable and helpful for American families so they can budget and plan long-term for their children.  

For the changes made by CTC to have a long-term impact and better support families with children and low-wage workers, they need to be made permanent.  


WHAT CAN I DO? Call your member of the U.S. House of Representatives and encourage them to help assure that the expanded Child Tax Credit is made permanent in the Build Back Better Act.  Tell your Senator you want to see the CTC made permanent. 

HOW DO I DO IT? Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and be connected to your local Representative’s or Senator’s office. Here is a directory of current members of Congress and a directory of current Senators. If you call when Senators are home in your state, you can contact one of their several in-state offices. Just check their Senate websites to find contact information.   


The expanded Child Tax Credit must be made permanent and fully inclusive. It will help families support their children by being able to afford unexpected expenses and plan for The expanded Child Tax Credit must be made permanent and fully inclusive. It will help families support their children by being able to afford unexpected expenses and plan for their future. It will also help promote children’s healthy development and well-being, increase their education, and ensure that all children will have the opportunity to pursue their goals no matter where they lie on the income spectrum. CTC will also help people of color and children of immigrants, who have historically been forced to the economic margins, to become more economically secure.


Contacting your Representatives and Senators is just a start. Help us keep the conversation going by spreading the word on social media and urging others to take action. Below are some sample social media posts you can use:  

  • With the #ChildTaxCredit, families don’t have to choose between paying an electricity bill and food. They can have the means to provide both. We need to push Congress to  make it permanent! 
  • Supporting our children is one of the best investments our country can make. Making the #ChildTaxCredit permanent is one means of investing in our children’s future. Congress, make this permanent credit now! 
  • The #ChildTaxCredit helps provide financial stability for families and children who need it. We need to push to make it permanent!  
  • No more games! We must continue supporting legislation that support all families and children. It’s time to make the #ChildTaxCredit permanent.