Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn, author and plus-size Ford Model, talks about how: “committing myself, fully in my life, to finding happiness within has made all of the difference.”

Amy Lemons

Amy Lemons, a plus-size Ford Model, talks about getting past the pressure to be “perfect” and how much happier she became once she talked about it.

Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon, a plus-size Ford Model, talks about how deciding to “focus on my heart and my soul… was the beginning of recovery for me.”

Erin Matson

Erin Matson, former NOW Action Vice President and current Editor At Large for RH Reality Check , talks about her struggle to overcome anorexia and learn to love her body.

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee,  Hyphen magazine publisher and co-founder of Thick Dumpling Skin, a body image blog, talks about the importance of emphasizing the love for ourselves and what we have to offer regardless of what we look like. You can also read her blog post, “Seeking the Perfect Body”, at Hyphen.