March 9th|2-3 pm EST 

This Tweet Chat Is focused on disseminating information about the helpline and its importance as a resource for women. Please join us by tweeting your questions and thoughts to @NationalNOW and @LegalMomentum or by retweeting our sample tweets below!   


Twitter Handles:   

  • National Organization for Women — @NationalNOW  
  • President Toni Van Pelt: @tonivp  
  • Legal Momentum — @LegalMomentum   

Hashtags:  #LawFightsSexism 

Sample Tweets:  

  • How often does the @LegalMomentum helpline receive calls for legal advice? @NationalNOW #LawFightsSexism 
  • What kinds of cases can @LegalMomentum provide assistance with? @NationalNOW #LawFightsSexism 
  • What prompted @NationalNOW to pursue a partnership with @LegalMomentum? @tonivp #LawFightsSexism 
  • @LegalMomentum is providing a free resource offering legal advice on sex discrimination at home, school, or in the workplace. SYMS Legal Momentum Helpline at (971)- 3 LEGAL-1 
  •  .@NationalNOW is proud to be working with @LegalMomentum to help promote their sex discrimination helpline! Anyone seeking advice about sex discrimination in the workplace, school, or at home should call (971)- 3 LEGAL-1. #LawFightsSexism  
  • The @LegalMomentum Helpline is a great tool for women seeking legal advice on sex discrimination and inequality in the home, workplace, or at school. @NationalNOW is proud to support and promote this important resource! #LawFightsSexism