State Outreach to At-Large Members

The National Action Center recently invested in its direct mail campaign to acquire new members. We know that the best way to keep these new members supporting our work is to keep them engaged, and to share with them the actions and great work you do in your communities. Visibility is crucial in retaining these members.

With that in mind, NOW leaders will receive a list of all the new yearly at-large members in their state who have joined NOW biannually.

Reaching out to these new members and sharing information about what the state is doing and how they can get involved is an asset to NOW.

Linked below are some mail/email and phone script templates that leaders can use to conduct their outreach. Please feel free to modify these as needed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Membership Associate, Meghan Czaikoski, at or (202) 628-8669 x112.


Mail, Email and Phone Script