Proposed Bylaws – 2021 National Conference

The National NOW Conference, Springing Hope into Action: Amplifying NOW’s Intersectional Feminist Agenda will be held on July 24th and 25th, July 31 and August 1st, and August 7th and 8th this summer. Every year at the National Conference we vote on any proposed bylaws amendments. The bylaws are NOW’s governing document and can be amended by a three-fifths vote of the credentialed members at the National Conference.

Below are the proposed amendments.

  1. Proposed Bylaw Amendments by the National Board
    1. Submitted by: National NOW Board
    2. Summary: Bylaws changes submitted by the National NOW Board
    3. Rationale: Included in the document
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  2. Proposed Bylaw Amendments 
      1. Submitted by: Illinois NOW
      2. Supported by: Ohio NOW, Montana NOW, Missouri NOW, Massachusetts NOW, Nevada NOW, and New Mexico NOW
      3. Summary: Change to Article X, Finance Section of the NOW bylaws regarding processing and allocation of rebates.
      4. Rationale: The equitable, timely, allocation and distribution of funds needed to maintain and support existing units of NOW.
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  3. Proposed Bylaw Amendments
      1. Submitted by: California NOW
      2. Supported by: WA State Board
      3. Summary: Change to Article VII, The National Board Section of the NOW bylaws regarding procedures and standards for elections.
      4. Rationale: To clarify which State Presidents are eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee for their District, update the language in the NOW Bylaws to reflect the correct title of NOW State leaders, and clarify the role and duties of both State Presidents and National Board Members in setting up a District Election. It also serves to strengthen the role of the Districts and solidify their role within NOW. NOW Districts need District Bylaws to govern themselves.
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