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Why is immigration reform a feminist issue and what can allies do to better educate themselves on what comprehensive immigration reform should look like in our country?    

In a two-part conversation series, NOW and partners from leading activist organizations will come together for a deep dive on how the misogynistic policies and procedures of the U.S. immigration system are doing harm to asylum seekers, farmworkers, essential workers, female immigrants, and their families, and how we can urge our leaders to take concrete actions such as the American Dream and Promise Act, Farm Workforce Modernization Act and the SECURE Act to challenge and dismantle this system of oppression and harassment.   

Our second conversation will explore the hazards of being undocumented – everything from the challenges of accessing reproductive health care to the real danger of domestic abuse and sexual assault.  

We invite NOW members and ally activists to join us for these important conversations as we continue our efforts to “Unlock the Future” and learn more from our expert partners on next steps we can take to create meaningful change. 


Speakers will be announced soon.