In 1966, a small group of firebrand women met at the Third National Conference of Commissions on the Status of Women and established an organization resolved to stand up against discrimination, injustice and take action. Fifty-five years later, NOW is the largest grassroots network of feminists and continues to advocate for the vision and values of our founders. 

NOW is part of history, and continues to occupy a pivotal place in the feminist movements that transform our culture. We continue our work to advance a feminist agenda in electoral politics with our new RUN NOW training program, to change the culture that enables and forgives toxic masculinity, and to build a new generation of leaders engaged in intersectional grassroots activism. NOW’s commitment to grassroots activism has always been at the core of our mission from leading the fight for landmark legislation like Title IX, the ERA and the Violence Against Women Act, to mobilizing mass actions like the Women’s Strike for Equality and the March for Women’s Lives. 

To kick off celebrating 55 years of activism, I’ll be leading a fireside chat with an exciting group of panelists to discuss the next phase of the movement, NOW’s critical role as feminism’s standard-bearer and how NOW can continue to play an historic role in this work.     

Every time I see our iconic NOW round in the media, I’m reminded of our history, and our record of accomplishment.  But I also think about our future and empowering the next generation to carry the torch over the finish line.          

Please join me for one of many celebrations of this important milestone one week from today, on Wednesday, June 30 with a special anniversary event beginning at 7PM EST. Please RSVP here to join us. 

On behalf of all of us at NOW, happy anniversary!  It’s your celebration too.