Senate Fails Women on Equal Pay

The National Organization for Women is deeply disappointed that conservatives in the U.S. Senate this afternoon prevented the Paycheck Fairness Act from being brought up for a debate and receiving a vote.

On Equal Pay Day, NOW Calls For Closing of Gender Wage Gap

Today is Equal Pay Day — the day when U.S. women’s average earnings finally catch up with the amount men were paid on average in the previous year. That means that women must have worked more than 600 hours into 2012 to attain the same pay men received in 2011.

Catholic Bishops Fail to Take Birth Control from More Women

In an important decision that ensures access to affordable birth control for millions of women, including those who get insurance coverage through a religiously affiliated hospital, university, or other religiously affiliated organization that serves the broader public, the Obama administration announced today that it would not expand an unconstitutional refusal clause that will already deny contraceptive coverage to some women under the Affordable Care Act.

NOW Urges Congress: Pass a Major Jobs Bill NOW!

The National Organization for Women urges Congress to take up President Obama’s American Jobs Act immediately. While not everything we could have wished for, the president’s bill is a substantial step toward rebuilding our country’s shaky economy.