I heard someone say that women are going into this election “incandescent with rage.”  That sounds about right.

The Brett Kavanaugh experience was awful, but it produced a kind of activism we haven’t seen in years.  Now, it’s up to us to keep that energy going and use it to get out the biggest vote for women’s rights this country has ever seen.

Here’s how you can be a part of it.

First, take a pledge to do what you can to get out at least five votes in this election.   Offer a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car. Talk to that not-sure-she’ll-bother-voting cashier at the checkout line about why she absolutely has to. Check the deadline for voter registration in your state here and help someone fill out the form. If they need help obtaining a valid ID, help by driving them, helping to pay for their fees, and then register them.

Second, check the NOW PAC page for our latest endorsements.  We are working with the most diverse, exciting and inspiring field of candidates, who will replace Donald Trump’s Congress of enablers with feminist leadership and bold vision.

And third, stay positive!  Here’s what I mean. We’re all overwhelmed by the news. We watch too much TV.  We worry over every new poll. We start to believe the latest spin.

That’s not healthy—and it doesn’t help.  The way we win elections is to stay firmly committed to our core beliefs and values.  We know that if we can turn out voters who care about NOW’s issues, those voters will make the difference in this election.

I’ll be sending you more updates in the days ahead leading up to the Election.  If you’d like to donate to endorsed NOW candidates, click on the candidate’s photo to be taken directly to their page. This is truly the most important midterm election ever—let’s make every day count.