Updated November 19, 2020 

As women are being disproportionately impacted by the Coronavirus, the National Organization for Women seeks to provide resources for activists working on the frontlines of gender-based challenges during these difficult times.  

These resources are specifically for organizations advocating on the behalf of high-risk groups. They include webinars, petitions, and other campaigns that are underway in addressing these inequities and pushing federal and state governments to increase protections for women.  

These resources are for informational purposes only and do not indicate an endorsement from or partnership with the National Organization for Women. 

 Domestic Violence  

Sexual Assault 

 Paid Family Leave/Sick Leave  

 Food Service Workers 

 Children and Older People 

Health Care Workers  


 Reproductive Health 


Racial Justice

COVID Activism

As protests and riots continue across our nation, seeking justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, James Blake and so many other Black lives that have been lost to police violence, NOW hopes to support Black communities however we can. The following are resources for protesting safely during this pandemic – as a virus that has had a disproportionate impact on Black communities, we urge everyone to take adequate measures to prevent further spread of the virus.  

This year’s election will be different from any other. Many states have updated their absentee ballot regulations to allow COVID-19 as an adequate excuse for mail-in voting. While voting early and in person if one feels comfortable to do so is suggested, it is recommended that those who wish to vote by mail order their ballots as early as possible. Those who plan to vote in person on November 3 should make a voting plan and take the proper precautions for their state’s social distancing measures. 

Other Activist Resources 

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