MO0040 Capital Area Missouri NOW

Capital Area Missouri NOW convened in the wake of the 2016 election, when we had hoped to elect the first feminist woman President of the United States.  Feminists who had previously felt alone in conservative mid-Missouri found one another in the secret Facebook group Pantsuit Nation.  Pantsuit Nation Missouri members in or within driving distance of Jefferson City, our state capital, came together to form a dynamic NOW chapter dedicated to taking  action on an array of progressive issues with an intersectional framework. 

We work together and with allies to equip members with the skills and confidence to achieve our goals, which include Constitutional equality, economic justice, LGBTQIA equality, racial justice, and reproductive justice; which we seek to achieve through #resistance, legislative advocacy, direct action, and modeling to normalize/legitimize progressive values for the broader society in which we live; all the while having fun, supporting each other as we step out of our comfort zones, and creating a nurturing community among ourselves and our allies.   

We invite prospective new members to find Capital Area Missouri NOW on Facebook, and follow @CapAreaMONOW on Twitter.

Location: MO

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