Washington Post Implies All Men, Including Obama, Ogle Women

Offender: “The Reliable Source” by Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts

Media Outlet: The Washington Post, printed 7/9/09

The Offense: The paper ran a photo in its Style section with this caption: Question: What do Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy (pictured yesterday at the G-8) have in common? Answer: They’re men.

NOW’s Analysis: Isn’t it so true that all men just can’t help themselves — they love to ogle women?! Even the U.S. president isn’t immune from being just like all the other sleazy guys, right? Well, that’s the premise The Washington Post is pushing with its photo and caption. But video from the actual event shows the full context, debunking the impression that Obama was checking out the young woman’s rear end.

Take Action: Post comments on The Washington Post web page telling them to do their homework next time and to stop promoting the stereotype that all men just can’t help ogle women. And, send a letter to Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post National Editor, and tell him what you think.

Lisa Bennett, NOW Communications Director

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