Giving Tuesday

Strengthen Social Security

It’s that time of year again. On Black Friday, you wait in line. On Cyber Monday, you buy all the things you wanted on Black Friday, but the line was just too long. But the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 2) — Giving Tuesday — is about giving back to the community.

Giving Tuesday (or #givingtuesday, as it is often styled) is a recent movement in response to the consumerist craze that is Black Friday. The movement encourages people to donate their time, money, and resources to non-profit organizations working to help people and improve communities. We invite you to join the NOW Foundation in celebrating this nationwide day of charity.

According to the organization’s website, ten million dollars were donated on Giving Tuesday last year. Fifty million people participated in social media events promoting the day.

While it’s certainly okay to treat yourself on Black Friday – as activists, self-care is necessary — it’s important to ensure a healthy financial future for your favorite organization and to give back to the community. With recent cuts to SNAP and other important family welfare programs, these donations may even be vitally important for some in your community.

Non-profits running the range from health and welfare to science and the arts participate in Giving Tuesday. Large organizations like (RED) and Universities and for-profit companies commit to holding events and donating resources.

Please help us win the fight for women’s equality by making a tax-deductible donation to the NOW Foundation today. Your support is vital to the continued success of our movement.

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