The Gloves Are Off: Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby

Welcome, ladies, to the 2014 NOW Showdown! It’s going to be a tough rumble between two very influential fighters, and the crowd is loving it. In one corner of the arena we have the Dirty 100, led by their head coach, Hobby Lobby. (Boooooo!) Next, other the other side, comes The Women waving their reproductive freedom flags! The crowd goes wild!

SCOTUS walks out onto the mat. The crowd falls silent.Boxing Gloves

“Alright,” Ginsburg begins, “Let’s have a fair fight. No unconstitutionality allowed. And, please, let’s keep it reasonable.”

She gives an approving wink to The Women’s side and walks to her seat in the front row with the other eight justices. Chief Justice Roberts does not look amused.

Both The Dirty 100 and The Women move out into center arena. There’s a brief pause, tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Sotomayor rings the bell and immediately the fight begins! The crowd is roaring!

“Contraception flagrantly violates our religious beliefs! We shouldn’t have to provide it in our health care coverage to our employees!” The Dirty 100 yells, but The Women are prepared.

“Funny!” The Women counter, “Considering 98 percent of Catholic women use contraceptives at some point during their child-bearing years!”

Oof. That’s a serious burn for The Dirty 100. Will they be able to recover?

“All women are sinners!” says The Dirty 100. Ginsburg and Sotomayor look furious. “Besides, we still have our right to religious liberty under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act! It says that the government can’t substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion.”

This match is seriously heating up.

“Since when did corporations become people? And where in RFRA do corporate CEOs gain the right to impose their religious beliefs on their employees? We’re protected by the First Amendment Establishment Clause,” The Women snap back, without hesitation.

“Keep the boardroom out of our bedroom!” the audience chants. “We are the only CEOs of our bodies!”

The Dirty 100 falls back. It seems they don’t have a comeback for such a valid argument. Is the fight over? No, but it’s about to get ugly.

Without announcement, Roberts runs into the arena.

“Enough,” he raises his hand to both sides of the stage, “This is my court, and I’ll take it from here. The Women put up a good fight, but I’m going to have to side with The Dirty 100. Sorry, ladies.”

Roberts takes Hobby Lobby’s hand and shakes it. Everyone’s eyes widen, mouths drop. No one understands how Roberts could possibly rule in favor of Hobby Lobby when The Women clearly had the better argument. Even The Dirty 100 is in awe.

In all seriousness, there is a chance that could be the outcome of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, a decision we are likely to get next week. If SCOTUS finds in Hobby Lobby’s favor, a boss could deny insurance coverage of contraception to female employees if said boss believes contraception goes against their religion.

But the battle will not end with this decision. Win or lose, the Radical Right will continue their battle against the most basic of women’s reproductive healthcare – birth control.

There’s still time to do something about this. Sign our petition and tell the Dirty 100 that it is not acceptable for employers to impose their personal beliefs on their employees. We will not stop fighting for our right to reproductive health care.

What else can you do? Become educated on the topic and share that information with friends and family. Don’t know where to start? Check out the NOW Foundation’s issue advisory “The Dirty 100 – The Story Behind the Litigation”. 

32 responses to “The Gloves Are Off: Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby

  1. If they sell it at hobby lobby they sell it at amazon. I’ll continue to shop at hobby lobby so I can see the merchandise, but I’ll buy on amazon,

  2. Not one women is denied! Buy the morning after pill yourself…..again distortions.of what was in front of SCOTUS ….four morning after pills…not the “pill”….makes NOW nothing but a shrill megaphone for baseless argument of what it isn’t about.

    And of course no one is denied….your free without restrictions …to buy what you want…you just.cant force everyone … including those who start a business to agree with wholesale abortions.

  3. The issue with regard to Hobby Lobby IS religious freedom, plain and simple. I am a mother and grandmother who used birth control during my reproductive years. I never expected anyone to pay for it, and the Blue Cross plan that I had through my employer, did not cover it at that time. As it is currently, the cost was never a burden, and I was not wealthy by any means. I had a disabled husband and 3 children to care for. No one threatened my “choice” by not providing my birth control pills. It was my choice and I paid for them without whining. I am embarrassed how the women are carrying on today with their accusations of attacks on their bodies, their “choices” and their well being. NOW is supposed to empower women to be self sufficient and successful. The whining will get us nowhere. There are bigger fish to fry, like the glass ceiling. Birth control is not a freedom issue. Religious liberty is a freedom issue protected by a constitutional amendment. The Democrats are using the whining women for their own political agenda, and the women don’t even see it. Move on to the big stuff.

  4. You don’t understand the tax law. 90% of corporations are set up with less than 5 members- live people who want freedom to say no to government infringing on their religious rights. This has nothing against women, but a lot to do with religious freedom. Nobody is taking away contraceptives in total- total lie, only the 4 that permit abortion. If you want one of the four, then pay yourself. Where’s the War on Women?? As a women, I am smart enough to vote on the substantive issues facing our country- not made up propaganda stirred up to cause anger.

  5. Before Obamacare was passed women took control of their own bodies by buying their own birth control, which they can still do today. Hobby Lobby doesn’t deny access to birth control, they just refuse to pay for the 4 methods that violate their religious rights. This is the real issue. The so-called War on Women is only spin drummed up by liberal feminists with no basis in fact.

  6. Keep the boardroom out of my bedroom. Really? How about keep your bedroom out of my wallet.

  7. The decision to grant the exemption to Hobby Lobby has NOTHING to do with women’s reproduction!


    Learn to read it! It explains the reason for the decision!

  8. Are you kidding me!!! Do your homework – Hobby Lobby does not stop anyone from having birth control. They do not have to support ABORTION causing drugs! Abortion kills human babies – MURDER!! Do you home work!! Research when human life begins. You lie to women about the truth!!! Abortion is the MOST selfish act any women can do – All about me and kill the child so I don’t have to look at them. Hope no one wants to get rid of you because you are in there way – just like an unborn child. What is your problem with telling the truth? I am a women and mother and nurse and sister and friend! I will spread the news of PRO-LIFE ALWAYS!!! I will pray that you have conversion of heart and learn what true LOVE is about!! You already speak selfishness and hate towards our most vulnerable – unborn children. Have you ever held a baby in your hands – or saw the 3D ultrasound of an unborn child. Yes a Child!!!!!! How can your heart be so cold and hard. Shame on you!!
    HOORAY FOR HOBBY LOBBY!!! And yes I am a WOMAN and very very proud to be PRO-LIFE!

  9. Liar liar liar!! TELL THE TRUTH!! DONT LIE TO WOMEN! Hillary Is lying to everyone too! Shame on all of you for your political nonsense.

  10. Pingback: Frederick
  11. So you women want all 20 of the contraceptives covered by employers, yet hobby lobby doesnt. CVS, Walgreens and planned parenthood aren’t closed, get over it. I don’t want to subsidize your abortion pills, use a condom or other contraceptives, you stupid liberal women


  13. Your absolutely right. Women who want to use birth control do have the freedom to go to any store to purchase there own birth control. A company should not be forced to provide coverage if it goes against there religious beliefs. We live in a free society to go out and purchase whatever you need. We also have freedom of religion to practice and live our lives. Lets not take away any freedoms and get rid of government trying to control our lives and take away our freedoms

  14. Really! NOW needs to look at their leadership who is miss representing facts that they share! Need to report facts not opinion! However, I bet it is hard to get thousand dollar donations without fabricating. How about the idea of representing all women! I think Jesus was the first champion of liberating women from dyer circumstances. Read the BIBLE then comment. Every woman needs to reflect on what they need in their life themselves, then go for it! There have been clinics that give away birth control. When I was in my twenties the health dept passed them out free to the girls who went for them! So it is not really about birth control it is about CONTROL period on NOW part. Follow facts and maybe you can get some credibility back some day! Because this woman feels like the organization is inept.

  15. Who do you think you are? You are not wiser. You are not more righteous. You do not own me. You do not tell my doctor and me what to do. I’ll bet viagra is covered. Your shallow bigoted version of religion does not rule me. I deserve and will have my reproductive rights. I will have insurance coverage for the medicine that my doctor prescribed for me. People and companies that object to this are bigots. They do not believe in gender equality. They practice discrimination. Are you homophobic, racist, … too?

  16. Do you hate all women who disagree with you? Did you have a problem with your Mommy? Please get some mental health care. Your attitude is shallow. Your comment is weak and lame.

  17. You have the right to feel as you do. There are of course women who cannot afford these drugs. There are women who need the morning after pill because they have a medical condition that causes disabling pain. Why should that not be covered. You are free to follow your beliefs do not think you will be allowed to tell those of us who need those drugs that we cannot be covered. I believe the majority of you are women hating, religious fanatics. I also believe that you will now go after all women reproductive drugs. I bet then you will attack the benefits of same sex spouses. Of course I haven’t forgotton those of you who are religiously intolerranr and ra list. The hate had just begun to hit the fan.

  18. No, their insurance paid for it. Where are you? This is bigotry in action. Gender equality is worth fighting for. Lead your own life. Stop telling women what they can and cannot do with their reproductive lives. We deserve insurance coverage.

  19. Who would want to be in your bedroom. Why do you get off telling other people/women what to do? What is wrong with you? By the way your wallet isn’t big enough to make up for your bigotry.

  20. Yes it does. Read President Carter’s book on discrimination and abuse against women.

  21. Hobby Lobby is busy buying its stock from the child sweat shops in China. Do you really think they are going to stop with an attack on women reproductive health? Gender equality is the first target. What will be next? Benefits for same sex spouses is probably next up for attack. Of course then there is race and don forget anti semitism & …

  22. Why can’t you even try to pretend to not hate women ? Her last name is Clinton. Why don’t you use her name? Oh I know its a way to show show your disrespect for anyone who disagrees with you. The fact that she’s a women who may run for president is more than you can stand. Can you say Senator John McCain? Can you say President George W. Bush? Can you say President Obama?

  23. ?!Wow you are bucket of hate and anger. Do you allow anyone to disagree with you with hating them? You need help! How do feel about the other civil rights organizations?

  24. I started a petition to demand the resignation of the justices who do have added discrimination into the constitution. Tell the government we won’t stand as a society to compromise one group of peoples rights for anthers.Reglious freedom does not trump women’s rights.

    Everyone please share with others, if we get 100,000 signatures the government has to acknowledge that the justices have gone down a bad path / by protecting one class of people they are hurting 51% of the populations freedoms. SIGN HERE TODAY!

  25. That should be “you’re”—not “your”—and you don’t seem to know much more about birth control.

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