Intern Spotlight – Brittany


Feminism to me means equality among everyone. Equality in the household, workplace, and in everyday interactions is essential. Throughout my life, my mom has been one of my biggest role models. She has not only shaped the person that I am today, she has also shaped my view of feminism.

An Ode To My Feminist Role Model

Dear Mom,

You raised me to be strong.

You raised me to be fair.

You always fought your own battles, and you were always there.

You never gave up, even when things were really bad.

You always said I love you, even if you were really sad.


As I’ve grown up, I’ve seen you raise us on your own.

Dear Mom, I love you, you’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known.

When I close my eyes, your image is what I see.

Dear Mom I love you, you’re all I could ever want to be.

–Brittany Romagnoli


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