Happy New Year — Here’s to More Feminist Media in 2010!

By Lisa Bennett, NOW Communications Director

Instead of resolutions, I’m making a list of things I’d like to see more or less of in the media in 2010. Go ahead and add your own wish list items in the comments section…

Can the media please stop referring to abusive men as “bad boys” or other terms that minimize their reprehensible behavior toward women?

I’d love to see more funny, kick-ass feminist women like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on TV.

Note to fashion designers, magazine editors, and their graphic enablers: less ridiculously unrealistic Photoshopping, more real images of women, please.

More award-season attention for movie director Kathryn Bigelow. No woman has ever won a directing Oscar — can we finally break through that glass ceiling? And lots more high-profile female filmmakers to follow.

More strong women/girl characters in Pixar movies, and more diversity overall in animation (The Princess and the Frog is a step in the right direction, but she is still a princess).

More women on the op-ed pages — c’mon, we’ve been asking for this one for forever, it seems like!

More feminist bloggers using the Internet to illuminate, motivate and organize for women’s rights. And more women and girls getting online and finding them. (For this we need more Net Neutrality, more accessibility to technology and less corporate gatekeeping.)

Fewer stupid, objectifying commercials like the Reebok one where a woman’s breasts express their jealousy of her newly toned rear end.

Less hate and ignorance on talk radio.

Less violence and exploitation in music and videos (and that includes all genres, than you very much).

Fewer allusions to pole-dancing by underage singers who are admired by even younger girls everywhere.

Fewer “progressive” men who use ugly slurs to insult women, Hey dudes, it doesn’t matter what their politics are, critiques of women should focus on their positions, not how they look or their presumed sexuality.

More (or how about ANY) accountability for Roman Polanski and fewer celebrity apologists lined up to kiss his butt.

Fewer TV shows about little girl beauty pageants.

More shows like The Good Wife with multiple complex women characters.

More women receiving and responding to NOW’s action alerts! Sign up now!

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