Fighting Domestic Violence

Despite all the news hoo-hah about the potentially fatal dangers of H1N1 flu for pregnant women, the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States is in fact murder. For as woefully pervasive as domestic violence remains, it’s irritating to see how little attention it gets within the mainstream media and government budgeting priorities, for that matter. So what’s an activist to do? Stand up! Speak out! Here at the Action Center, we are gearing up for the upcoming reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2010. We have already started meeting with senators, congresspeople and key influencers in the Obama administration to promote more, not less, funding to stand up for women’s fundamental right to freedom from violence. For more information and talking points you can use while lobbying your own representatives, please see this excellent article from NOW Legal Intern Qing Luo. NOW chapters are also taking action against domestic violence in creative ways, including Brevard NOW’s upcoming Take Back The Night event this Saturday, October 24. What are you doing to fight domestic violence?

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