Congratulations To…

By Lisa Bennett, NOW Communications Director

During this Women’s History Month, we are reminded that women continue to make history every day. We’ve made amazing progress, but there are still many “firsts” yet to conquer.

So, congratulations to . . .

The Women Airforce Service Pilots, who flew military planes as part of a civilian branch of the Army Air Force during World War II. These women had never been recognized for their significant contributions until March 10 at a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony.

All the same-sex couples in Washington, D.C., who were able to start getting legally married in the District on March 9. Five states and D.C. now uphold equal marriage rights. Of course, we still have many more states to go, and these families cannot access federal benefits, but this additional step in the right direction is cause to celebrate.

Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman to win a “best director” Oscar. While some may argue that it’s too bad a woman had to direct a male-dominated war picture in order to win, it’s hard to deny that “The Hurt Locker” was an excellent film by an accomplished filmmaker.

Lynn Malerba, the first woman chief of the Mohegan Tribe in 300 years. She will be inducted on Aug. 15 for a lifetime appointment.

Natalie Randolph, who, on March 12, will become the only woman head coach of a boys’ varsity high school football team in the U.S. Randolph will coach the Coolidge High School team in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Betty White, who, at age 88, will become the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live. The May 8 show will feature a Mother’s Day theme and will bring back six former women cast members. Go, Betty!

Please add any fitting recognitions that I might have missed in the comments.

One more thing: Keep coming back to Say It, Sister! this month — our interns will be blogging about various women trailblazers and history-makers, many of whom are still leading the way.

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