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Today Show Cares More about “Bad Hair” Days than Rape in Congo

Rather than focus on the serious issues that Clinton was addressing on her trip — including the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo — the Today show chose instead to concentrate on Clinton’s response that she would be happy to speak for herself, thank you very much, because Bill Clinton isn’t secretary of state.

Will Some Guys Never Learn? And How Many of Them Work at The Washington Post?

In a stunningly unfunny video, two male reporters smirk their way through a long list of obscure beers with funny names, matching them up with politicians. Once you’re working for one of the biggest newspapers in the U.S. shouldn’t you really be past teasing people based on their appearance or other traits like age? Not these guys.

Drop Dead Diva Delivers!

The get-ready-to-suspend-your-disbelief premise of a thin woman living in a heavy woman’s body isn’t just a clever gimmick — it provides the writers with the opportunity to address women’s body image issues and society’s attitudes toward fat people in different and new ways.