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White House Health Care Reform Bill Denies Women’s Basic Rights

Today the White House announced that it has set March 18 as the deadline for Congress to pass a final health care reform bill. President Obama has embraced the Senate’s version of health care legislation. This bill is no panacea for the nation’s broken health care system. It has major flaws that probably cannot be fixed within two weeks. However, the National Organization for Women is not about to give up — not with women’s basic human rights at stake.

NOW Denounces Deportation of Immigrant Rights Advocate Elvira Arellano

“It is an outrage that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), in a deplorable operation called ‘Return to Sender’ is violating the rights of U.S. born children and placing their well-being in jeopardy. In a cold-hearted and punitive manner, ICE ignores pleas from mothers and fathers who have lived, worked, paid taxes and formed families in this country not to be separated from their dependent children,” says Olga Vives, Executive Vice President of NOW.

NOW’s Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The National Organization for Women has been a leading advocate in the United States for the rights of women for over forty years. NOW’s mission is to fight against discrimination and seek to bring full equality to girls and women regardless of their age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual abilities, marital or socio-economic status.

Principios de NOW para una reforma integral de inmigración

La Organización Nacional para las Mujeres, en cumplimiento de su misión de luchar contra la discriminación hasta alcanzar la total igualdad para las niñas y mujeres independientemente de su edad, raza, religión, identidad étnica, orientación sexual, capacidad física e intelectual, estado civil o condición socioeconómica, ha liderado la defensa y promoción de los derechos de las mujeres en Estados Unidos durante más de 40 años.

Immigrant Women’s Rights: NOW Calls for Fair Immigration Reform

There are 14.2 million foreign-born women in the United States. Five-and-a-half million are naturalized citizens, another 5.5 million are documented and 3.2 million are undocumented. Each year, half of all immigrants entering the United States are women and girls. However, public policies regarding immigrants do not reflect the impact that being female has on immigrants’ lives in the United States. This applies to both documented and undocumented workers.

National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights: Congressional Briefing on Immigrant Women and their Inclusion in Comprehensive Immigration Reform

On March 7, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the newly-formed National Coalition on Immigrant Women’s Rights (NCIWR), comprised of grassroots and advocacy organizations nationwide, is honored to brief members of Congress and staff about the need for comprehensive immigration reform that addresses the needs of women and their families.