Body Hatred Is A Serious Issue

It seems society has constructed an unrealistic female image that we are unable to replicate unless we harm ourselves. Advertising for fashion, cosmetics, and diets remind us that our bodies are unacceptable how they are currently. It’s no wonder we become dissatisfied and want to change to fit the ideal Hollywood appearance.

The Dark Beauty’s Struggle

Business for skin “lightening” products and skin bleaching procedures are booming across Asia from Bombay to Tokyo. The market was estimated to be worth 18 billion dollars in 2009, according to Public Radio International, with more than 60 global companies competing for it.

Some Parents Have Well-Intentioned But Misguided Ideas About Child Beauty Pageants

When researching child beauty pageants for my college capstone project, I was surprised by some parents’ reasons for supporting the contests. I had only expected to encounter mothers who were living vicariously through their children and believed women’s bodies are more important than their brains, but a couple of parents provided reasons that somewhat made sense to me.

The Most Political Thing for Women in Washington Today

Body shame is being forced upon women with a pernicious and overwhelmingly toxic media that uses unrealistic images and messages of beauty and body, and that overemphasizes the role of beauty and body in a woman’s life. Systematically women are trained to believe that we are worth less if we do not look “perfect,” and when in turn we acknowledge it, we are given a message that is almost equally insidious: it is our fault. It’s not.