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LGBTime Machine: Ancient Rome

Note: This post is part of a series. Read more about the LGBTimeMachine series here.  By Sabeau Rea, Communications Intern How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Trick question. Feminists don’t need light bulbs–they’re bright all on their own. Additionally, who needs a lightbulb…when you have a glass ceiling? (The legitimate… Read more »

Meet Our Writers: Summer 2016 Interns

This summer, our interns will be writing weekly and sharing their young feminist voices. Meet our 2016 summer interns!         Name: Emily Kilheeney School: Hofstra University, class of 2018 Particular advocacy issue you’re concerned with: public policy, voter mobilization, intersectionality, reproductive justice, sex education, Planned Parenthood advocacy What feminism means to you:… Read more »

Intern Spotlight – Leora

  Feminism to me is the belief in equality between all people of all races, sexualities, and socioeconomic backgrounds—it is the belief that we are all equal because we are all human. Feminism is therefore also the effort to reclaim the power denied to many different people, not just women. It’s about taking back our… Read more »

Intern Spotlight – Tara

  “If not me, who? If not now, when?” Emma Watson’s question at the end of her speech still echoed in my heart. She was launching a UN Women movement named “HeforShe”, inviting male members of the world to join a feminist campaign. I could not agree more with her proposal. Born and brought up… Read more »

Intern Spotlight – Nairi

  Feminism to me, as a student of Politics, is a critical theory. Feminism to me, as an Armenian-American woman, is an everyday practice and embodiment. Both understandings, though taken differently in context, serve to inform one another. I am grateful that I receive an education within my Politics department at the University of California,… Read more »

Intern Spotlight – Brittany

  Feminism to me means equality among everyone. Equality in the household, workplace, and in everyday interactions is essential. Throughout my life, my mom has been one of my biggest role models. She has not only shaped the person that I am today, she has also shaped my view of feminism.   An Ode To… Read more »

Intern Spotlight – Charlotte

  People ask me all the time when, how, or why I became a feminist. I have always been a feminist. There wasn’t one specific day in my life that brought me to the movement. Adding up the discrimination I have experienced, and the discrimination I have seen other women and people experience, feminism appeared… Read more »