It’s all hands on deck!

That’s NOW’s clarion call in these last few weeks leading up to the midterms.

I’m traveling this weekend to Nevada, where I’m appearing with our chapter leaders and state members on their first day of early voting.  We’re marching to polling places to underscore how important it is for women to break every turnout record on the books on Election Day.

Other NOW officers, staff and board members are ratcheting up their efforts in their home states but also traveling to battleground states – including Nevada, Florida, Arizona, North Dakota, and Alabama – where women can make the difference in this election.  NOW PAC has endorsed an outstanding group of candidates for House and Senate, and this election is our chance to not only stand up to Donald Trump but elect a new generation of feminist leaders who will leave their mark on politics for decades to come.

We’re working with great candidates like Jacky Rosen in Nevada.  This may be the most important Senate race in the country–the only one to feature a Republican-held seat in a state won by Hillary Clinton.  As the granddaughter of immigrants, Jacky Rosen will fight for Dreamers.

And in Florida, my home state NOW is working with women to turn out the vote to re-elect Senator Bill Nelson.  Senator Nelson has been a trusted partner in the Senate on our issues and is leading the campaign to protect our basic health and retirement rights.

We hope you are ready for the final push in the next two and a half weeks. Check here to see our latest endorsements, and more about what you can do to elect feminist candidates.

Right now, I’m accepting every invitation and looking for every opportunity to mobilize NOW’s grassroots support in key election contests.  Whatever you can do in your community is just as important.

Work with your local NOW chapter, local progressive group, and your local or statewide favorite candidate.  Knock on doors. Make phone calls. And if you just can’t do that, make a donation.

Young people are notoriously reluctant to vote in midterms—pledge to talk to five of them about why they should.  President Obama, in a Get Out the Vote ad, says to young voters “You wouldn’t let your grandparents choose your music playlist so why would you let them choose who will represent you?  Go vote.”

Together, we can make history—but it will take every one of us, doing all we can.