Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade in a 5-4 decision. Instead of upholding the precedent, that they all swore under oath to protect, the conservative Justices on the court signed a death wish for women across the United States. Now, the people who can experience pregnancy are left to navigate a world post-Roe. Some states have chosen to protect those seeking abortions while many others have already instituted bans or are looking to. You can find the breakdown and more information about your state’s laws here.   

We are outraged at the Supreme Court’s neglect of women’s healthcare; we continue to fight to undo this wrong at every level. Listed below, we have listed some ways for you and your chapter to take action!   



Attend or Organize a Rally: First, please review the safe protesting guide here before you take to the streets.  Click here to attend a local march or rally. You can also organize one with your chapter and other local coalition partners.  

Donate to an Abortion Fund: Donating to local abortion funds helps provide aid directly to those who are seeking abortion care access. Please visit to donate to an abortion fund near you or in states that need the most care.   

Contact Your Elected Officials: Urge your members of Congress to make movement on codifying abortion care access at the Federal level. It is best to make a call! Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and be connected to your local Representative’s office. Here is a directory of current members of Congress.   

Volunteer at an Abortion Clinic: Healthcare providers are under immense pressure due to the ruling. By lending some of your time as a volunteer, you can help both patients and physicians as well. Research your local clinics or look here to volunteer.   


Explore Mental Health Resources: Reckoning with the decision and carrying the emotional, mental, and physical tolls of this decision can be difficult. Please visit resources like Mental Health America and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America to explore free resources to help or explore a counseling resource like BetterHelp or a therapy resource like TalkSpace for someone to talk to.   

Educate Yourself and Others on Contraceptive Options: There are multiple types of emergency contraceptives that are available to women. From an IUD to emergency contraceptive pills, people have options to prevent pregnancy. Click here to learn more about those options.  

Additionally, look into different types of birth control and Plan C, also known as medication abortion. Click here to learn more about birth control options and visit here to learn about medication abortion and how it can be delivered to your doorstep.