NOW is an intersectional, multi-issue organization; therefore conflict cannot always be avoided. We recognize the organization is stronger for its diversity, and hold in high regard the importance of ethical behavior and effective communications that further our goals. We also recognize that constructive dialog is essential to successful advocacy. Therefore, when conflict arises, 2019 Conference participants are expected to constructively contribute to conflict resolution in ways that further NOW’s Statement of Purpose, by:

  1. Supporting the right to express a different viewpoint, encouraging the expression of many viewpoints, and being inclusive of the woman expressing it. Ensure that the expression of your viewpoint is easily distinguishable from criticism.
  2. Keeping the end goal in mind. Excluding and diverting opinions inhibits consensus, commitment, and action. Avoid seizing on a fragment of an issue and making it central to the discussion; to do so deflects the attempts of others to express their thoughts on the main issue.
  3. Communicating any personal agendas. Personal agendas are valid and need to be communicated to develop a primary, open agenda and honest, ethical communication.
  4. Judging on the basis of actions and beliefs, not appearance or in-group politics. Avoid the devious process taught to all of us of undermining a women’s being and actions in order to invalidate her point of view.
  5. Recognizing others who are not speaking, who have made several attempts and not been heard, or who have been cut off. All viewpoints need to be heard.

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You will be asked to read and sign this Code of Conduct when you sign in at the 2019 NOW National Conference.