In honor of the 52nd Anniversary weekend commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., we are proud to join with the Transformative Justice Coalition to advance his dream by being more vigilant than ever and demanding open, inclusive and accessible elections for all Americans. We hope you can join this important conversation! 

The Transformative Justice Coalition and the National Organization for Women, in partnership with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the National Election Defense Coalition,, Hip Hop Caucus, Justice Action Mobilization Network, and many other individuals and organizations are hosting the TeleTownhall:   

Protecting America’s Right to Vote in the Era of COVID-19: Our March to the Ballot Box  


Joining NOW President Toni Van Pelt, will be:  

  • Barbara R. Arnwine, Esq., President & Founder, Transformative Justice Coalition 
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., President & Founder, Rainbow Push Coalition 
  • Mayor Jennifer Roberts, Former Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Reverend Yearwood, President & Founder, Hip Hop Caucus 
  • Moderated byDaryl D. Jones, Esq, Board Chair, Transformative Justice Coalition   

This vital conversation will cover the postponed primary elections, voter ID, onerous absentee ballot requirements; how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact voting, especially for women and communities of color, and much more.  

Tune-in Information: 

You may also join the conversation on Twitter with @NationalNOW and the hashtags #VoterInfo, #OurMarchToVote, #OurMarchTo, and #OurMarchToEducate