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November 9, 2020

This activity takes place every four years: a list of recommendation for the incoming administration of the most urgent and important policy and program initiatives the new team should immediately consider. President-elect Joe Biden has spoken about his number one priority: getting the coronavirus under control. Nine months of an incompetent and uncaring effort by the Trump administration has led to the more than 100,000 new infections per day that we are currently seeing. President-elect Biden has proposed a commission of experts to develop a plan based on “bedrock science” and he says that they will be ready to hit the ground running come January 20. Biden also listed expanding health care access and dealing with climate change as top initiatives.

Endless List – In the meantime, there is an almost endless list of possible priorities that need to be address. Ten years of Republican opposition to nearly all of the Democrats’ initiatives, including their refusal to consider the roughly 600 measures that the Democrat-controlled House passed in the last two years, has set a new record for gridlock. All of NOW’s priority bills that were adopted by the House have been ignored by the Senate.

Most Urgent – At the top of the list Most Urgent Recommendations must be the passage of a new COVID-19 relief package to help the millions out of work, facing eviction, and not have enough to feed their families. Women, especially, are suffering from the loss of jobs and income. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY) has refused to consider a relief bill this fall in what is the most heartless act ever taken by an elected official. And there are many more important measures that remain neglected.

What are your thoughts about the most urgent actions to be taken by the new administration that would help women? Send two or three suggestions and your reasons for those actions.  Send it to

Check These Out – President-elect Joe Biden has a terrific proposed agenda for his term office; you can find it here [link]. We’ have also summarized parts of it that address some of our most important concerns. You can check it out here [Link]. The Women’s Community, composed of several dozen national women’s rights organizations including NOW, submitted a detailed letter outlining our urgent recommendations – many concerning the needs of women of color. You can review Women Demand: A Letter to the Federal Elected Officials and Candidates from the Women’s Community here []. Also, the reproductive rights community prepared a detailed Blueprint, with topline policy recommendations which you can read here Blueprint  .