Does Facebook have a problem with women?

Laura Balc writes for The Guardian: “Does Facebook have a problem with women? The question has been around since 2011 when Eve Ensler and Ms Magazine drew attention to the social networking site’s failure to remove misogynistic images that seemed to glorify rape and domestic violence. Then the issue came back again with users taking to Twitter in recent weeks to express their anger at Facebook’s refusal to remove images that tried to make a joke of rape. Two in particular were widely circulated. One showed a woman bound and gagged on a sofa and a caption that read: ‘It’s not rape. If she really didn’t want to, she’d have said something.’ The second showed a condom, beneath the words ‘Plan A’; an emergency contraceptive pill, ‘Plan B’; and then ‘Plan C’, a man pushing a woman with a bloodied face down the stairs.”