NOW condemns Trump’s plan for sweeping changes in immigration policy

In his draft executive order that makes sweeping changes in legal immigration policy, Donald Trump has doubled down on a white male supremacist agenda, xenophobia and hate speech. NOW stands in solidarity with our Muslim and immigrant sisters and brothers in opposition to this contemptible misuse of presidential authority.

NOW stands with Rep John Lewis, calls on Donald Trump to apologize

Donald Trump’s bullying tweets aimed at civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis are appalling. The candidate who said that African Americans should vote for him because their lives were so bad that they “had nothing to lose” now perpetuates further racist stereotypes by falsely asserting that Rep. Lewis’ Atlanta district is “in horrible shape,” “falling Read more …

Fighting Hate in the Age of Trump

NOW calls on the Department of Justice to fully investigate hate crimes like the the one experienced by Ilhan Omar–and to ensure that criminals are held accountable.

ISSUE ADVISORY: Trump and the 115th Congress – A Daunting Picture for Women’s Rights, Part One

Republicans Plan Repeal of Progressive Gains
With Donald Trump’s assumption to the White House and majority GOP control of the Senate and House, Republicans plan to move full speed ahead with their radical agenda of repealing scores of Obama initiatives, enacting their long-desired agenda of drastically cutting funding for social safety net programs, repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (which would also eliminate the contraceptive insurance coverage mandate), converting Social Security and Medicare to private investment accounts and voucher approaches and enacting substantial tax cuts for upper income earners, weakening public schools through a massive voucher program and most alarming, narrowing women’s access to reproductive health care – among many other regressive and harmful actions. It is, indeed, an alarming prospect.

Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet Anti-Woman?

Donald J. Trump’s campaign was dogged by accusations of misogyny. Now his cabinet is shaping up to be one of the most hostile in recent memory to issues affecting women