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Fighting Hate in the Age of Trump

NOW calls on the Department of Justice to fully investigate hate crimes like the the one experienced by Ilhan Omar–and to ensure that criminals are held accountable.

ISSUE ADVISORY: Trump and the 115th Congress – A Daunting Picture for Women’s Rights, Part One

Republicans Plan Repeal of Progressive Gains
With Donald Trump’s assumption to the White House and majority GOP control of the Senate and House, Republicans plan to move full speed ahead with their radical agenda of repealing scores of Obama initiatives, enacting their long-desired agenda of drastically cutting funding for social safety net programs, repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (which would also eliminate the contraceptive insurance coverage mandate), converting Social Security and Medicare to private investment accounts and voucher approaches and enacting substantial tax cuts for upper income earners, weakening public schools through a massive voucher program and most alarming, narrowing women’s access to reproductive health care – among many other regressive and harmful actions. It is, indeed, an alarming prospect.

Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet Anti-Woman?

Donald J. Trump’s campaign was dogged by accusations of misogyny. Now his cabinet is shaping up to be one of the most hostile in recent memory to issues affecting women

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill On Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as White House Advisor

By appointing Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counsel, Donald Trump is elevating a leader of the “alt-right” who has consistently denigrated women and trafficked in white nationalist, racist and anti-Semitic propaganda. At Breitbart, Bannon ran articles that called for companies to hire only “rich, straight, white men,” and said “science proves it:… Read more »

Issue Advisory: It’s About POWER, Not SEX – Trump as Aggressor

Printable PDF Issue Advisory: It’s About POWER, Not SEX – Trump as Aggressor By Jan Erickson, NOW Government Relations Director, and Leah Schmidt, NOW Government Relations Intern October 28, 2016 Newt Gingrich, one of Donald Trump’s surrogates and former Speaker of the House, was congratulated by the candidate Wednesday for taking down Fox News’ Megyn… Read more »

Self-Care in the Time of Trump

For women who have endured harassment, for those who have been silenced by a man’s power, and for survivors of abuse or sexual assault, the tenor of this reckoning can be exhausting and triggering. It requires self-care.