Listen to Christian’s Interview with Women’s Spaces’ Host, Elaine B. Holtz on New Holistic Advocation for Women’s Rights.

From Women’s Spaces: “Our first guest Christian Nunes shares her path to national leadership of the National Organization of Women (NOW).  Christian describes the changes NOW has gone through since its founding 55 years ago. NOW is taking a holistic approach to Women’s Rights, realizing the intersectionality of other issues affecting women, like racial inequality, sexual orientation, and disability. Christian said that NOW is offering workshops Run NOW to train the new generation of feminists on how to run political campaigns as a candidate and campaign staff. Another series of workshops for NOW Chapters to achieve new heights is Level-Up, with practical trainings on fundraising and enhancing engagement. The NOW website is becoming an even greater resource.  Christian encourages us to gather on Saturday October 2 for the Women’s March/Rally locally for this national event. Many organizations have signed on to sponsor this March.  Some pressing issues were discussed, like the pandemic affecting women in the service industries, and NOW is encouraging you to contact your Federal representives to pass the Pay Check Fairness Act. The national issues for feminists to be active on can be found on the NOW website at .”

Find the Full Episode and Commentary by Elaine B. Holtz, Host of Women’s Spaces on their website by clicking the link.